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About the Digital Document Center

The Digital Document Center is just the opposite of Kinko’s...

Our customers bring their paper document boxes to our facility and perform their own scanning. It’s easy and will save you lots of money. Our Center is capable of processing regular paper, engineering blue prints, maps, large format documents, photos, microfiche and much, much more.

Scanning is just the beginning. You will have the opportunity to not only to digitize your project; but be able to (for an additional cost) indexed and import your information into the SimpleDOX Document Management System (DMS).

Some of the benefits of having a DMS are:
  • Quick & easy file searches. Find the file you need fast then print, fax or email.
  • Create legal CDs of records that will be admissible in court. It’s finally time to start getting rid of all that paper.
  • Click here for more advantages.

That’s not all?

Have you ever had to re-type something because you lost the original electronic copy?

Never again, use iScan’s OCR conversion services to scan any paper document directly to a MS Word file or text file.

Other Services Included

  • The conversion of paper or electronic files to any file format, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BPM, and much more.
  • Scan to FTP
  • Certified Document Destruction
  • Indexing Stations
  • Free pick up and delivery of large projects (6 boxes or more within the Sacramento metro area).

Who Benefits from the Digital Document Center?

  • Real Estate agents/brokers who want to legally dispose of their Closed Transaction Files.
  • Any home or small business looking to reduce storage cost and wasted space.
  • Any person or business owner who would like to save money while getting started with document scanning and management.
  • People looking to preserve old slides, photos, or documents. Scanning is a great way to extend their life.
  • People who have too many CDs and would like to have them consolidated into DVDs.
  • The possibilities are endless.

For large projects or for people/business that do not have the time or resources to do their own scanning, please check out our professional services and our OneBox options.

Please feel free to send message to us.

Don’t forget to download our Digital Document Center Service cost menu.
The Digital Document Center