In today’s business world keeping your advantage over the competition is an ongoing initiative. Business owners must continue to find ways to innovate their business processes in order to reduce cost, improve efficiency and customer service. Technology, if implemented correctly, has proven to be a useful tool. document scanning in particular has always demonstrated the ability to improve the bottom line.

Since 1999, iScan has been committed to providing affordable & customized scanning solutions to small and medium size business. Our solutions have helped the real estate industry tremendously due to its paper intensive environment.

Inspired by State and Federal optical document storage legislation and the DRE’s release of its optical records retention articles (Article 4, section 2729, 2729.5) iScan has developed a customized system to help brokers deal with their overwhelming paper challenge.

Not only does scanning help reduce storage cost and save space, it assures brokers that they will have access to any document they need within seconds if a legal issue arises. Here are just some of the benefits fits you can expect:

  • Conformity with California DRE article 4, section 2729 record retention regulations.
  • No recurring storage costs. (Compare to Iron Mountain, which has monthly storage costs)
  • No document retrieval costs. (Compare to Iron Mountain, which bills for every document that must be retrieved)
  • Safer permanent storage of documents, longer shelf life, better security and disaster recovery.
  • Instant access to documents, and ease of use.
  • Savings on duplication, transmittal, and destruction costs.
  • The ability to print, fax, or email any document with the click of a button.
  • Easy one click PDF conversion for collaboration and email.
  • More Space!
As your business grows so will your need to manage your documents and reduce liability exposure. Having a solid document management strategy will not only reduce liability but will increase your businesses ability to provide excellent customer service.

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What we do for you:

  • Weekly pick up of closed transaction files
  • Scanning and indexing completed by our professionals
  • Monthly DRE compliant Archiving (permissible in court)
  • ALL DRE compliant issues handled by iScan staff
    • Correct procedures
    • Correct file formats and compression
    • Imaging Logs
    • DRE compliant Archive CD for litigation
    • Guaranteed by iScan
  • CDs of each property file for agent / client use
  • SimpleDOX Document Management System
  • Document Management Power Station for your internal use
  • Real time uploads of each document as they are scanned to your local office.
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Why choose this service:

  • Addresses the paper file cost issues for growing offices.
  • No re-accruing cost
  • Search for any file by: Property Address, Agent name, date closed etc.
  • Print, fax or email any document.
  • Save valuable space
  • Reduce off site storage cost
  • Reduce liability from lost documents
  • NO Technology Costs or Capital investment
Everything is included for one low transaction Fee The advantages go on and on?

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Additional Budget Advantages:

  • The iScan service eliminates storage budget item from the broker’s budgeting requirements.
  • Value added features:
    • The service can be used as a recruiting tool to help the broker attract the best agents.
    • The service can be a revenue generating tool for the broker. Agents can be offered DRE compliant CDs for their transactions for a fee. This helps the agent resolve his storage problem.
    • Agents can take advantage of discounted document management services offered by iScan to all agents in your office as part of the contract:
      • Software discount
      • Conversion services discounts
    • Cost is incurred only when a transaction has closed.
  • The service enhances:
    • Operational efficiency
    • Customer service
    • Disaster recovery
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