OCR Services

iScan uses state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to perform its file format conversion services. iScan systems can process more than 2000 images per hour with an average turn around time of 24 hours depending on the project specification.

If you have a large manual in paper form to reproduce, or a book to republish, you can use our OCR services to scan the material and convert the images to Microsoft word documents or a Text file, saving you the time and money it would cost you to retype the text.

What is OCR?

When a paper page is scanned, the scanner produces an electronic image of the paper page. Computers do not recognize any of the characters on that image. OCR is the process through which the image characters are converted into text that the computer recognizes, and therefore, can be edited and manipulated using word processing application such as Microsoft word. OCR involves complex computer algorithms and is CPU intensive. It is not a perfect technology, that is, the conversion results are not 100%. The accuracy of the process is subject to several factors:

  1. The quality of the original paper document.
  2. The size of the text font.
  3. Hand written notes
  4. Hand written underlines
  5. Page elements mixture such as pictures, and tables.

However, the OCR technology has made a lot of advances to the point where accuracy of more than 95% is normal.

Other Conversion Services Include:

  • PDF creation
  • 35mm negatives or Slides to CD
  • Digital Photo Albums

Do you have too many CDs?

Use our CD to DVD conversion service. You can fit at least 7 CDs onto one DVD.

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