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In today's business world, maintaining your advantage over the competition is an ongoing initiative. Business owners must continue to find ways to innovate their business processes in order to reduce cost as well as improve efficiency and customer service. Technology, if implemented correctly, has proven to be a useful tool. Document imaging in particular has always demonstrated the ability to improve the bottom line. Unfortunately, until today, document scanning and management technologies have always been too costly to implement; allowing only the largest of companies the opportunity to realize the benefits.

SmartScan is a unique document imaging and management program that combines professional services with state of the art technology to help Real Estate Broker manage one of their most important assets – legal documentation. With risk management, and client security in mind, the consultants at iScan have developed a program that both reduces liability exposure and improves the efficiency of your office. No matter how large or small your organization, our SmartScan program can scale and adapt to your business needs.

Instant access and distribution of information combined with our client and agent CD creation services will not only improve customer satisfaction but keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Stay on the Cutting Edge!
  • DRE compliant paperless solution

  • Desktop icon installs on your clients desktop with your photo

  • No document retrieval costs.

  • Quickly print, fax, or email documents

  • Updated News & Notes

  • Personal message to your clients

  • Local Market news and updates

  • Promote your partners or sell advertising

  • Links to your email and website
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