About SimpleDOX

Get rid of your paper!

SimpleDOX Overview

SimpleDOX is a powerful document management software that electronically captures, stores, and organizes documents and business information, thus enabling immediate and reliable access to critical information right when it's needed. SimpleDOX promotes efficient knowledge sharing by allowing easy retrieval, editing, annotating, and distribution of documents. Quickly obtain the decision-making information needed and provide superior service to customers and partners.

SimpleDOX does not just help efficiency; it’s the key to helping business reduce the amount of paper that must be stored. With the help of our consultants, SimpleDOX can help any person, organization, or company to go legally paperless. Today hundreds of Real Estate brokers understand the freedom of no longer having to retain closed Real Estate transactions. SimpleDOX makes it all possible: while remaining compliant with the State of California, the DRE and the Federal government; brokers as well as business owners of all kinds are saving space, working smarter, and saving money.

Capturing documents

Documents are added to SimpleDOX via scanning or importing electronic documents such as Microsoft word, and power point. Each of the capture methods is made easy using pre-set options. Documents may be captured directly to a SimpleDOX Database. Throughout the capture process, SimpleDOX provides a full compliment of tools to assist in retrieving your documents or content. Use optical character recognition (OCR), and clean up a speckled or skewed image to ensure the quality of your documents and data. Save time in the indexing process and eliminate repetition with the helpful check boxes for automation.

Retrieving documents

Your decision-making information is available for immediate retrieval once it is indexed and stored in the database. SimpleDOX provides several ways to retrieve the information stored in the system. The index data selected is utilized to construct searches or queries of the SimpleDOX database. Following are ways to easily retrieve documents in SimpleDOX:

  • Find or Browse using the Virtual File System
  • Queries based on the index data gathered during capture.
  • Content or Full Text Queries.

The results of the search display all documents matching your query criteria. The user may move easily between the search results window and actual documents. While the document is in view mode, it can be converted on the fly to PDF format, and automatically attached to your email message to your client if requested.

Archiving documents

Legal Archives is one of the most powerful features of SimpleDOX. The system provides all the tools needed to create, manage, and secure any CD-R media volume. The reporting and audit trail module collects all the data needed to track each volume and document the process to meet all legal electronic record management guidelines.

Seamless Integration

Today, many companies use a variety of standard software programs that have become commonplace on the desktop. Within SimpleDOX, you are able to directly launch an imported document into its originating (native) application. SimpleDOX views and manages almost all electronic file formats even multimedia, as long as the document source application is installed on your system. The upcoming .NET version of SimpleDOX will integrate seamlessly with all Microsoft Office applications; with one click any office document can be sent to SimpleDOX and indexed automatically. Furthermore, you can relate these documents with any other documents generated by other sources, and therefore, create a central document repository for all your business records making disaster recovery and backup processes more efficient and reliable.

For those businesses that use industry specific practice management software applications designed to manage their operations; iScan has designed a universal interface that can be used to integrate these applications with SimpleDOX. iScan’s engineers will work closely with your software vendors to have this implemented in the most efficient and economical way.

A Microsoft Certified Solution

MS Certification

SimpleDOX is a Microsoft Certified application for Windows 2000 and XP. This means that you can rely on SimpleDOX to be a stable and reliable Document Management system for your Windows XP-based office.