SimpleDOX Features

The following features are currently available in any full license of SimpleDOX Standard or Professional. More features will be added as the system continues to grow with new Updates and Versions.
  • Scan and store documents of all kinds.
  • Import Electronic Documents into your system.
  • Create Legal backup CDs so you can eliminate your paper.
  • Share your CDs of data with other SimpleDOX systems.
  • Set up multiple databases, each with their own set of unique Indexes.
  • Create an unlimited number of searchable indexes, in a wide variety of types.
  • Perform robust searches for documents by index, date created, description and more!
  • Perform OCR searches to find just the document you're looking for.
  • Convert any document in the system to PDF.
  • Save, E-Mail, Fax, Print and Share documents easily.
  • View documents with our intuitive tabbed interface.
  • Create notes for individual pages of documents on the fly.
  • Organize the documents in SimpleDOX with our easy to use Virtual Filing System.
  • Manipulate images by rotating, inverting colors, despeckling etc...
  • Copy pages, selections, or a whole document.
  • Lock down the system with full security, or keep it simple.
  • Generate detailed reports on the state of your system and CD Backups.
  • Use SimpleDOX in a single or multiuser environment.
  • Browse search results easily, with index and document shown as you browse.
  • Use our Deactivation Process to easily transfer licenses to a new computer.
  • And many more features!
SimpleDOX Features